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  Piraino Enterprises Answers What is ECommerce Web Hosting

The results of our quest to answer the question Ecommerce Web Hosting is listed below to help you better understand the meaning and importance of each aspect of Ecommerce Web Hosting.

Keep in mind there are 4 four types of web hosting Co-located Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, and Virtual Hosting.

  • Ecommerce Web Hosting - Ecommerce hosting is typically, a customer who wants a Web site with: domain name registration assistance, multiple domain names that map to the registered domain name, an allocation of file storage and directory setup for the Web site files (HTML and graphic image files), e-mail addresses, and Web site creation services. Easy for people to download and you need to capture information that your site visitors send to you -- like registrations, orders and credit card data -- as quickly as possible." That means you need a host with bandwidth to spare.  

Choosing Piraino Enterprises Ecommerce Hosting

Most small and mid-size online businesses aren't candidates for hosting their own sites in-house -- the setup costs for server hardware, bandwidth capacity and software development are beyond the means of most. And once the server is set up, ongoing maintenance can be challenging and costly.

Fortunately, Piraino Enterprises specializes in economical Web Hosting that enables even the smallest e-business to gain an online presence quickly and inexpensively. But as an online business, you have a number of special needs that someone running a personal home page does not. That's why free Web hosting bundled together with your basic monthly fee from your ISP, or free home pages through services like Tripod or Yahoo! are generally poor choices for sites that generate transactions.

Ten key issues should be on your checklist as you select your Ecommerce host:

1) Bandwidth

"You need your site to be easy for people to download and you need to capture information that your site visitors send to you -- like registrations, orders and credit card data -- as quickly as possible." That means you need a host with bandwidth to spare.
Piraino Enterprises
has all you need and at a
Economical price.

2) Proximity to Backbone

Many hosting companies connect to larger Internet connectivity providers, running a commercial phone line "upstream" to the larger company, who in turn might be running a connection to yet another "upstream" provider. The further "downstream" your provider is, the more chances there are for things to go wrong, as your data is handed off with each upstream connection.

Ask potential hosts: "How many hops are you to the backbone?" A "hop" refers to each server or router location Internet traffic must travel through before continuing on to its destination. Ideally, you want a host with few hops -- or whose machines actually sit on the Internet backbone itself. Piraino Enterprises Ecommerce Hosting is backboned to the Internet. No "hops" here.

3) Server Setup

Piraino Enterprises Ecommerce Hosting Servers are State of The Art
multi-processor server machines with 1393.919 MHz speed and 1024 KB cache.

4) Redundancy and Reliability

As we all know from experience, nothing ever works right all of the time. A vital measure of a reliable host is its preparation for the unexpected. Piraino Enterprises has multi-homed Internet connections. This means connectivity provided by more than one backbone provider to ensure maximum reliability.

Web Sites are backed up daily and you have Web Browser access to them at any time.

5) Disk Space

As a general rule, you won't need as much as you think. Ecommerce  hosting packages start at 750MB of hard disk space -- enough for 1000 typical Web pages, and we can easily increase your disk allocation.

6) Site Creation and Commerce Tools

Piraino Enterprises incorporates easy-to-use software for building online catalogs. This will enable you to maintain your storefront without the need of an outside developer. Some of the most widespread and easy-to-use packages are:

Ecommerce Templates

Store Front

7) Security

The current standard for the security of online transactions is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This protocol encrypts the transaction data as it passes over the Internet. However, a digital certificate is needed to verify the merchant's identity. Piraino Enterprises can supply and install the SSL certificate for you at a very low cost.

8) Payment Processing

To accept credit cards online, you will need to acquire the service of a payment processor. A payment processing service handles credit card transactions between a Web business and merchant account in real time. Your payment processor choice will depend on which shopping cart solution you choose, since most have at least one payment processing component built-in. Two of the most popular payment processors are:


Authorize net

Also check with your merchant bank, as it may have relationships with one or more of the above processors. Important: You will need to apply for a merchant account on your own, as any business accepting credit cards must. These companies will help you use your merchant account for your site, but they are not banks, and cannot offer accounts themselves.

9) Back-End Integration

Many site owners will want to feed data from their Web sites directly to their existing accounting, inventory and consumer database systems. Piraino Enterprises will assist with the integration. While you might not consider this an important issue as you start up your site, if you succeed in building a business online, integration of your systems will become a significant issue, Piraino Enterprises scalability and service is second to none.

10) Cost

Last, but certainly not least, is the cost of getting started and maintaining your online presence. Many smaller site owners receive excellent service from their hosts for as little at $100 per month. But the more success you have, the more support you'll need. Large companies often pay their hosts as much as six figures per month. How much will you have to pay?

Piraino Enterprises Ecommerce Hosting Packages start at $40.00

If you don't already have your domain name registered, you can register it at for only $8.00 (a Division of Piraino Enterprises) or we will register it for you.

Software licenses for Ecommerce catalog applications range from $150 at the low end, and can cost many times that if you need customization, or serve a very large number of customers.

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