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How to Choose the Correct LCD Monitor
When choosing any LCD monitors, here are some features to compare. Use this guide line to compare the picture quality with price.

Brightness - The measure of how much light a panel can produce is measured in candelas per meter squared (cd/m), also known as nits. LCDs usually run from 250 to 300 nits. HDTVs go up to 500 or more nits.

Pixel Pitch - The distance between like-colored pixels in the display. The closer the pixels, the sharper the image.

Response Time - This measures how fast the image is redrawn on the LCD screen measured in milliseconds (ms). The smaller the number, the better.

Contrast Ratio - This is the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white. The larger the ratio, the better.

Resolution - Make sure the LCD has a native resolution that matches your video card. The native resolution of an LCD is an important because if the LCD has to scale the image to fit a different resolution, it won't look as good.

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